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Long ago, the people of the locality were much more skilful and deft with their hands than they are nowadays.
Richard Lawless of Kilamonagh was great weaver. He used to weave blankets and flannels. The people used to spin the thread at home; they used to take the thread to him, and he used to change them so much for weaving a blanket or a piece of flannel.
The people of long ago used to make their own candles. They pulled bundles of rushes and peeled them. Then they dipped the rushes into melted tallow. Then they split a stick and stuck the rush into it, and it was then ready for lighting. A rush candle lasted about half an hour.
Jimmy Mc Donagh of our village was able to make baskets and skibs from sally switches. He used to sell them at the markets in Headford.
Mrs Martyn was a great spinner. She used to spin twenty ounces of wool every day. She was also a great carder. She lived in our village.
From Father, Pat Lawless 50 yrs.
Úna Ní Laighléis, Gort Lagach