School: Tulach an Iarainn (B.)

Tallow, Co. Waterford
Proinnsias Ó Laoghaire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0639, Page 53

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0639, Page 53

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  1. Iron Manufacture. Many years ago iron ore was got in Moanfune. It was carted down the Ramp Boreen to a furnace on the bank of the Bride. It was smelted in the furnace and then it was put into boats. It was brought to Cappoquin in the boats. Gates, railings and crosses were made here in Tallow by Mr. Heyden. These are still to be seen. The gate in front of the Catholic Church, also the railings were made by him. The gates in front of the Protestant Church also were made by him. Parts of ploughs, guns and canon-balls were made in Cappoquin.
    Bricks. Bricks were made in Tallow many years ago in Lyons' Forge and in a very big yard now called the Bride Valley Yard.
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    John Quinlan
    Tallow, Co. Waterford