School: Béal Átha Feorainne (C.) (roll number 15653)

Ballyforan, Co. Roscommon
Áine Bean Uí Chuillin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0271C, Page 17_014

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0271C, Page 17_014

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  1. Funny Stories
    Once upon a time three bears lived in wood. One day a little girl names Goldenlocks went for a walk through the woods. there was a house in the wood and the little girl went in to rest herself. Their were three bowls of soup on the table one a very small bowl and a middling size bowls. There was also three chairs one very small chair another midding size chair and another big chair when she had drank the soup she got a deep sleep and she went up to bed and there were three beds_ one a wee bed, another a
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    Bridie Kennedy
    Torpan More, Co. Roscommon