School: Béal Átha Feorainne (C.) (roll number 15653)

Ballyforan, Co. Roscommon
Áine Bean Uí Chuillin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0271C, Page 16_020

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0271C, Page 16_020

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  1. The Games I Play. 21-3-'38
    The games I play are High Gates, Rain, Rain, Rain, Fox and the Chickens, Puicin, Tug a War.
    I play High Gates I get a number of children and join hands and one girl calls out any girl she likes best to follow her. Then the children raise their hands high and the girl runs out under their hands trying to catch the other girl.
    Rain, Rain, Rain as follows is played a great number of children join in a ring and walk
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    Winnie Connor
    Creeharmore, Co. Roscommon