School: Shrule (roll number 7795/7796)

Shrule, Co. Galway
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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0038C, Page 12_033

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There was once a girl aged eighteen year's and she went one Sunday to pick rushes in a bog. A little creature came (bl) behind her and gave her a tip with a switch between the (to) two shoulders. Just then a pain came on the small of her back and out through her heart. She (when) went to the bog herself and a few other girls with her. They scattered here and there and the girl was in a corner by herself. She had picked a great bundle of rushes and while she was tying the in her apron up came an old woman to her. None of the girls did not know her for they never saw her before. She looked at the girl and the rushes and she asked for some of the rushes. The girl was afraid of her life and she told her the bog was big enough

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Ailbhe Ó Mártáin
Gorteens, Co. Mayo