School: Shrule (roll number 7795/7796)

Shrule, Co. Galway
name not given

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Shrule | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0038C, Page 02_018

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There was once a man living at Shrule. His name was Tom Goggins. One day he went on out in the field to make a hole for a sheep cock. When he was digging he fond six priests left on top on one another. He took them up but but he put them in the hole and he made the sheep-cock in a different place.

There was once a man living in Turin near Kilmaine. When the by bicycle's came out first he made one out of wood. After this he made another one out of wood but you could put a chum near

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Seaghán Ó Teadair