School: Cill Cruim / Killocrim (roll number 17072)

Killacrim, Co. Kerry
Micheál Óg Ó Catháin

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Cill Cruim / Killocrim | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0407D, Page 01_006

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Once there was a king!
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could cook what he would shoot during the day. The king took the two.
The boy went off the first day with a gun. When he returned in the evening he had a great bag of all kind of fowl and the king was delighted with him. He ate his dinner and took a paper and began to read. A fox came and asked food of him and that she would give him a pup. The boy asked the king for food for the fox. The king told him not to ever see any thing hungry while he was in the king's palace. He gave her the food and she gave him the pup. The following day when the boy was going the king told him not to come home the same path as he would go. The boy said he would kill the giant. The king told him that the giant

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Patrick Barrett
Killacrim, Co. Kerry