School: Cill Cruim / Killocrim (roll number 17072)

Killacrim, Co. Kerry
Micheál Óg Ó Catháin

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Local Net Fishing Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0407D, Page 18_034

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The net fishing season opens on April 1st and closes the fifteenth of August. Three years ago it used to open on the fifteenth of April and close the fifteenth of July.
A great number of people in our district go net-fishing. On the evening before ot opens, they take the boats and nets to the river in a cart. The boat is made of timber and it is tarred inside and outside. The net is tarred if it is new. Before they leave the house holy water is sprinkled on the boat and net. Medals and holy badges are put in the boat. At eleven o'clock they have permission to board their nets to get first and second until every man has a haul. Then at midnight they

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Eamonn Bairéad
Killacrim, Co. Kerry