School: Cill Cruim / Killocrim (roll number 17072)

Killacrim, Co. Kerry
Micheál Óg Ó Catháin

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Wild Birds

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0407D, Page 18_025

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These are the wild birds we have in this district:- thrush, roblin, wren, blackbird, owl, magpie, snipe, grouse, linnet, chafinch, hawk, lark, seagull, tom tit, willie the sink, pigeon, bullfinch, goldfinch, yellow hammer, wood cock, water hen, sparrow, cuckoo, éinin, corn-crake, crow, starling, jack daw, crane, curlew, green plever, wild duck, wild goose, swan, jack snipe, swallows.
The thrush builds her nest in a white thorn tree or in a furze bush. It is made of sops of hay and lined with wet mud. Before the mud gets dry she lines it with feathers and moss. She lays four eggs, they blue with black spots.
The roblin builds in a hole in a ditch. The nest is made of sops and

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Eamonn Bairéad
Killacrim, Co. Kerry