School: Cill Cruim / Killocrim (roll number 17072)

Killacrim, Co. Kerry
Micheál Óg Ó Catháin

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Cill Cruim / Killocrim | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0407D, Page 14_027

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eggs and the colour of them are blue. She stays with us all the year round.
The robbin builds her nest in the side of a bank. It is made of mops and feathers. She usually lays six eggs, and their colour is white. When Our Lord was nailed to the cross, the robbin flew under it and a drop of Our Lord's bloodfell upon her breast and it was from that she got her red breast.
The crow builds her nest in a very high tree. It is made of hay and sticks, a number of them usually built together. She lays four eggs and their colour is blue.
The swallow builds her nest in the eves of houses. It is made of hay and moss and feathers. She lays five eggs, their colour is blue with brown spots. She only stays with us for the summer.

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