School: Cilltighearnáin/Kiltiernan (roll number 11812)

Kiltiernan West, Co. Galway
S. Ó Beirn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0033C, Page 03_016

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0033C, Page 03_016

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  1. The older people have a lot of funeral customs. Those are some of them, when the coffin is going out the door it is the feet goes out first. The coffin is carried a piece of the road. The first part of the coffin which goes into the Herse is the feet, and the first part which goes into the graveyard is the part where the feet are. They shut the doors pull down the blinds when the funeral is passing. If a man meets it on the road he turns back a piece with it.
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    Máire Ní Donnchadha