School: Cora Caitlín (B.)

Newmarket on Fergus, Co. Clare
P. Mac Conmara

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Cora Caitlín (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0599, Page 081

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one of the best in Ireland for motorists to-day.But it is remarkable how very little is known about the asking who build it you will be probably be told (1)that it was built by one De Clare,(2)that the Co Clare was named after him and (3) that he was an ancestor of the Studdert family.
Yet not one of their statements is historically true.The present castle was not built by either of the De is quite certain that the county received its name from Clár Mór ,Clare Castle and not from any family English or Irish,and the Studderts who have owned the castle for nearly 200 years ,have never claimed descent from the De Clares. The present castle of Bunratty consists essentially of massive corner towers of great strength ,each of six stories and of most intricate design, connected by huge walls in the substance of which run the stairs.In the centre ,enclosed by these walls are 3 large rooms ,a lower vaulted kitchen,over which are 2 halls or reception rooms,one over the other of equal size.

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Bunratty Castle