School: Cratloe (C.)

Cratloe, Co. Clare
Máire Ní Shitric
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0597, Page 112

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0597, Page 112

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  1. In olden times people were very useful in this parish for arts and crafts.
    Long ago basket making was carried on by the Cratloe people. These baskets were made with sally rods or osiers and left up to season for a week or so and then they were weaved or plaited in and out together until the basket was made.
    The Cratloe people were also famous for spinning with the spinning wheel. They got the wool as it came off the sheep and carded it with a carding comb and then they made it into thread with the spinning wheel. This thread the people used make useful for making all their clothes.
    There was also the burning of lime carried out in olden days in this parish. First of all stones were gathered and broken into small pieces with a hammer. Then they were thrown into the hole on the top of the Lime Kiln to burn into lime. When burned the lime is pulled out with shovels according as it is being burned. The Cratloe people were also famous for beetling clothes. First of all the clothes were taken to a stream near the house and beat with a stick called a beetle.
    When this was done the clothes were put out on
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    Anne O Gorman
    Ballintlea South, Co. Clare
    John O Gorman
    Ballintlea South, Co. Clare