School: Creatlach (B.)

Cratloe, Co. Clare
Seán Breathnach

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The Farm Animals

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0597, Page 085

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In the farms around here there are a lot of different animals to be seen. Some of those animals are as follows- the cow, the sheep, the pig, horse, goat, donkey, calf, and the bull.
The cow and the horse are the most important animals of the farm.
The cow feeds on grass, turnips,mangolds and hay in the winter, but she feeds only in grass in the winter.
When people are driving the cow they day “how-how on”How,How” . The house she is kept in called the cow-house. She is tied with a chain at night, another way is to put her head in between two sticks and tie them together.
The horse is the biggest animal of all. The house in which he is kept is called the Stable. He is tied down by means of a long chain with a heavy block at the end of it.

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