School: Creatlach (B.)

Cratloe, Co. Clare
Seán Breathnach

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May Eve Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0597, Page 081

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Long ago in this parish there were many Customs practiced on May Eve some of which are still in practice.
Some of those customs are as follows. On May Eve people stay up all night in order to be the first at the well after twelve o clock am.
They believe that whoever takes the first of the water on that morning would have all the luck for the coming year.
Another custom is to get mountain ash and plant it around a farm to keep out all the bad luck, also to get bad eggs and plant them in the neighbour garden in order that all the bad luck would fall on that neighbour.
A custom that is still practiced is to get a bottle of holy water and sprinkle it on every animal on the farm in order that nothing would happen to them.

Eddie Punch