School: Creatlach (B.)

Cratloe, Co. Clare
Seán Breathnach

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Place Names in Cratloe

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0597, Page 029

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Although no Irish is spoken in this locality most of the places have their own Irish names. Some of the names are:_

Cnoc na Bríce, which means the hill of the badgers;
Port Drogihin, the place where the blackthorns grow
Baile an Phunta, the townland of the pound
Baile Mhuirgheasa, the townland of Morris

Poll Gorm, the blue hole. The water in that field is a kind of blue.

Creagán na gCat, the place where the cats used to meet.

An Droichidín, the little bridge
Donnchadh bán, fair Dennis
Páirc na Leasa, the field of the fort
Pairc Shean Thadhg, the field of John Teddy
Árd Bán, the high milking place
Sgiath gainimhe, the sand water
Cnoc an Árd, the high hill

An Geata, the gate. The reason this field is called the gate because a gate was in the centre of that field and it was burned

Cnoc Dearg, the red hill
Tobar an airgid, the silver well
Paircín na Laogh, the calves field
Corrach Silíní, the soft wet field of the cherries
Croc a Phosta, the field of the post
Na curraichíní, the soft wet place