School: Currakyle, Feakle

Corrakyle, Co. Clare
Bean Uí Innseadúin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0592, Page 328

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0592, Page 328

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  1. The old Couls of the Town land.
    There are many Coul's in this townland .Tom's Coul is situated in our land field .The Coul is so called ,because a man the name of Thomas O 'Donnell lived there with a family of six children ,four boys and two girls .He lived about 89 yrs ago he went to America in a sail-boat and was three weeks going.It was counted the quickest sail-boat that went that time.Some time after his wife and children went and was three months going .They bought a farm in Long island and rich and died. He was buried there.
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    Maureen O' Donnell
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    The O' Donnell's first came from Gleann Bonniv.

    the O Donnell's came from Gleann -bonniv.They were a family of eight ,six boys and two girls.One of the girls married a Mc Namara man.The other seven came to Carracloone here the other girl married a Hourigan man the other six came to the old house by the
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