School: Currakyle, Feakle

Corrakyle, Co. Clare
Bean Uí Innseadúin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0592, Page 327

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0592, Page 327

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    The Town-land of Currakyle,
    The name of the town-land is Currakyle.It got the name because of a (bar) Hill or churchyard where infants were buried ,it is situated at the end of O Donnell's house ,and because of a swampy place around the river.The land is not fertile and is not much good for crops ,although it is grassy enough for rearing cattle.
    My father remembers five other families living in his time Hallorans,Rodger's, Mc Namara's,Dooleys Gradys.Presently there are only fifteen families living in it now.The most plentiful families are :- two O Donnells,three Brodies,and three Mc Mahon's.
    A Great- Grand-father to the present Edward O' Donnell, lived in an old house by the river .Later when the road was made, he built a house at the foot of the hill.The man as known as "Big Ned"came up and build the present house at the road.Edward ODonnell and my father Myles O Donnell are second cousins because their two Grandfathers was two brothers .The two dwelling houses are very near each .
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    Corrakyle, Co. Clare
    Maureen O' Donnell