School: Currakyle, Feakle

Corrakyle, Co. Clare
Bean Uí Innseadúin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0592, Page 321

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0592, Page 321

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  1. The townland of Turkenna (or Turkenagh)
    This is a narrow mountainous, swampy towland, with a river running through it. The houses are situated on the side hill midway between the river and the hilltop. It is also called 'The Village' because all the houses are built in a line. and there is a laneway leading to each house except to O'Donnells. About ninety years ago, fifty two families lived there and they nearly all went to America in the 'Bad Times'. One night twenty seven families came from Tipperary and put tents by there. They intended to live there but they found that the land was not fertile and went away in twelve months. There are six families living there presently two Pearls, Cooneys, Noonans, O'Callaghans and O'Donnells. The two Pearl families descended from one family. Pat O'Donnell and Mrs O'Callaghan are over eighty years but they are not able to speak Irish. There is only one slated house in this townland but all the old houses were thatched with straw or rushes. The ruins of a shooting lodge is on the roadside.
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    1. place-space-environment
      1. land management (~4,110)
    Turkenagh Mountain, Co. Clare