School: Currakyle, Feakle

Corrakyle, Co. Clare
Bean Uí Innseadúin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0592, Page 307

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0592, Page 307

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  1. Thatching of Houses 18 -2-'38.
    There are thatched houses in the district.They are thatched with reed or rushes but ,the best thatch is sedge.It is supposed to last about twenty years.The people in this district use it is cut in a mweeng in Pollagura.First the sedge is cut with a scythe.The person that would be cutting the sedge would have to take of his shoes as the ground is wet and swampy .When the sedge was cut it was spread out to dry .When it was dry it was carried out on asses backs in "loopacks".When it
    was brought home ,it was "drawn"and tied in neat bundles.It was put up in strokes.It was about two feet wide .It was started at the eave.Each fist of sedge tied with a "scallop".The next overlaping it by a few inches. So on till it came to
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