School: Lúbán Díge (Bodyke)

Bodyke, Co. Clare
Bríd, Bean Uí Chadhla

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Lúbán Díge (Bodyke) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0591, Page 322

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The feast of Candlemas day falls on the 2nd of February.

People come to Church on that day, tho not a holiday of obligation and give a voluntary offering of money for Candles that are to be used on the Altar during the year. Each person receives a blessed Candle after Mass, which is to used if any person is dying. Candles are blessed before Mass. The people here are very faithful to this nice religious custom.
The Candle in the hand at the moment of death is an emblem of faith. People do not like ever to be without as they call it "A blessed Candle". These Candles are lit in time of great Strorm or great afflictions also.


Fé Bhrat Bhrígd (Sketch of St Bridget Cross)

At the present time, very little notice is taken this feast of St. Brigid. It is always welcome more I fear, because it is the first day of Spring. Long ago people used carry around a sheaf of straw dressed up and called a Brídeóg, and get some money in honour of the Saint. They used to make crosses of straw or light laths and put them up in the thatch or over the door. There is scarcely a family that has not the name Brigid and I'm glad to say the Irish form to very much liked