School: An Scairbh (B.)

Scarriff, Co. Clare
Seosamh Mac Siúrdáin

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Folklore - Fairies

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0591, Page 127

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In the time of Biddy Early, the people used to see hurling matches played by the fairies. People often saw them hurling in the moonlight, in a place called Kilbarron near Feakle, where Biddy lived. She often told the neighbours, that her son, was hurling with them, and there must be some truth in it, because it was from him, she got the magic bottle.
On an other occasion her husband asked her, to show him, something about fairies. She told him, that she would on May Eve. When May Eve came she took him to a little garden at the back of the house.
There was a big field in a valley beneath the garden, where the fairies used to resort. Then she told him, to leave his foot on hers and to look out under her arm, and when he did so, he saw a terrible sight. He saw a lot of little fairies hurling, and playing football. In about a quarter of an hour he saw a few fairies coming towards him. Then Biddy told him to run in home and to lock the door. She also told him, not to stir out, if he heard any screaming.
He promised that he would

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Mícheál Ó Lideadha
Scarriff, Co. Clare