School: Tunnyduff

Tonyduff, Co. Cavan
Micheál Ó Cathaláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1015, Page 104

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1015, Page 104

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    Once upon a time there was a King, he had a son and his mother died. The King married again. The step mother was very bad to the child. She thought that the King likes the child more than he loved her. She had a sister and she told the sister she said that the best thing she could do with him was to put him to herd cattle and give him nothing, but stirabout. The next morning she sent the child out to mind sheep and cattle. There was a black bull with the cattle and the child liked the bull better than the rest of the cattle. Every day at twelve oclock the step mother would come with a mug of stirabout to the boy. This day she came with it to him, but he threw it at her. She went and and told her sister that when she would give him the stirabout
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