School: Tunnyduff

Tonyduff, Co. Cavan
Micheál Ó Cathaláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1015, Page 070

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1015, Page 070

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    and ran off. When the king came in the sheet was gone. The next day Jack came back with the sheet. The King said “Your trouble is over now.”
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  2. In olden times tailors travelled from house to house in this district and men also went around gathering rags. One of these tailors had the reputation of being a very witty man. They came to a farm where no trespassers were allowed. Suddenly they met the owner who said “Don’t you know there is no one allowed to go this way.” “But Sir said the tailor we are queensmen.” The farmer said “What do you mean by queensmen.” The tailor said “I am a human thatcher and my companion is a linen draper to a paper mill.” The man asked the tailor where he lived. The tailor replied “I live where all are dead”. The tailors house was beside a graveyard.
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    Maureen Markey
    Cordoagh, Co. Cavan
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