School: Tunnyduff

Tonyduff, Co. Cavan
Micheál Ó Cathaláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1015, Page 065

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1015, Page 065

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  1. Once upon a time there was a widow. She had one son, his name Jack. One day the king came to the house and said:- "If your son does not go away to seek his fortune before twelve oclock tomorrow his head will go under a spear" The mother was very sad when she heard this. The next morning Jack went away before daylight he went on and on until night. Jack did not know where to go. He saw a light and he said to himself that he would go to it and that he might get lodgings there until morning. When he went to the house there was a crowd of robbers there counting gold and silver. They asked Jack to go down the chimney of a house and gather up all the knives and forks and all the things that he could get. When he would have all the things
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