School: Tunnyduff

Tonyduff, Co. Cavan
Micheál Ó Cathaláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1015, Page 052

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1015, Page 052

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  1. One night Bennie Farrelly was coming up the Beehive Road when he met a funeral. The people that were carrying the corpse said :- Bennie Farrelly will carry the corpse. He went to carry it and just when he caught a hold of it he suddenly deserted.
    He gathered help and they took the lid off the coffin. There was a girl sleeping in it and her name was Brigid Cussack. So they brought her home. The faries had swapped her and the Cussacks thought that she was dead, but it was a thing the fairies had left in her place.
    Pupil Same as before.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    1. agents (~1)
      1. supernatural and legendary beings (~14,864)
    Mary E. O' Brien
    Carrickacroman, Co. Cavan