School: An t-Éadan Mór

Edenmore, Co. Monaghan
S. Mac Philib

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The Local Fairs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0960, Page 300

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The local fair is held in the nearest big town to us which is Monaghan. They are always held in towns. Buyers often come to the farmers houses to buy cows or calves. This is still done. A fair was held in Emyvale at one time but it is now dis-continued. This fair was dis-continued because enough people did not frequent it and of rows when the mountain men got drunk. There is no local tradition of fairs held on hills or in the neighbourhood of cemeteries. The fair is held in the streets but there is a special place for the selling of each article. Toll is not paid on cattle (toll paid on carts).
When an animal is sold "luck money" is given. It is locally called a "luck-penny". The amount is usually fixed when the bargain is 'being' made as 10 guineas and 5/- back. In other cases it is left to the seller's own generosity.
When a bargain is made the parties concerned show their agreement be striking hands.
When animals are sold they are marked by keel or by mud on the flanks or by cutting the hair. Some buyers dip the tail, others clip the flanks and others clip the sides. When a horse is sold

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Seamus Mc Cluskey
Emyvale, Co. Monaghan
Mrs Mc Cluskey
Emyvale, Co. Monaghan