School: An t-Éadan Mór

Edenmore, Co. Monaghan
S. Mac Philib

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An t-Éadan Mór | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0960, Page 235

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Little Mattey's wee brown hen.

Any number of persons can play in this game. A person starts at number one and says a word of the following rhyme for every number in the circle "Little Mattey's wee brown hen she lays eggs for gentlemen, sometimes one and sometimes two. Little Mattey's wee brown hen." The person strokes out whatever number he is at when he is saying the last word. The person does the same but ommits the numbers that are stroked out. When all the numbers are stroked out every person adds up the numbers he stroked out and whoever has the highest number wins the game.

1. "Lady, Lady drop your slipper,
Lady, Lady pick it up."
When "drop your slipper" is said the person skipping drops something and then lifts it when "pick it up" is said.

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