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Killyfargy, Co. Monaghan
B. Ó Mórdha

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0947, Page 032

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was about nine feet high and had two heads. He was afterwards buried under a big stone on Carnroe because Carn was the highest hill in the district. There is some mark on the stone which can still be seen.
From Jack Donohoe, Scotshouse.

There are many versions of this story in the neighbourhood. Some say the giant threw a stone from Sliabh Glah in Cavan to Carnroe, whilst others say it was from Cuilcagh Mountain he threw the stone. All are agreed that the giant was buried in the old "Giant's Grave" on Carnroe.

My father says that there is a water bull in Drum Loch in the townland of Cortober. This bull was about the size of a yearling calf. It lived in the part of the lake below Dr Moor's house. It used to destroy and scatter his hay at night. Every morning he used to get up to find out what was destroying his hay. One morning he got up very early and went out to see. When he went out he saw a bull running away into the lake. Next morning he got up earlier and brought a gun with him. He fired a shot at it but missed it. The bull was never seen out of the lake again.

May Molloy
(name not given)