School: Glenanore

Glennanore, Co. Waterford
Séamus Ó Maoldhomhnaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0656, Page 016

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0656, Page 016

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  1. In the Comeragh mountains over looking the valley of the Nier are seven lakes. Com Seangán, Loc Crotaig, Loch Mhóra, Cam Dúala, Cam Fíadh, Sciollóg beag, Sciollóg Mór.

    Com Seangán:-
    is the largest of those lakes, covering about 36 acres of land. A cliff of over 1,000 feet rises behind it and according to local tradition it is said to be bottomless. In it dwells a monster with comes to the surface on moonlight nights and plays about on the water.

    Loc Crotaigh:-
    At one time this lake was known as Lock-an-Stola. But in the 18th century an outlaw named Crotty who roamed this district made it his hiding place. Since then it is known as Loch Crotaig.
    Crotty was born in Russellstown about five miles from here and in early life was an outlawer. It is said that what he took from the rich he gave to the poor. From his hiding place Crotty had a wonderful view of the surrounding district and he thus described.
    "Is bréagh é an radharc a chím óm leaptham(?)
    Cnoc Maoldhommhnaig agus Cnoc an Bainne
    Cnocán Breándán agus Sean Bhaile Anna,
    Mol an Starigre agus Gleann Dá Lachain
    Agus Tuairín Luachra ar Bruach an Gleanna."

    Loch Mhóra:-
    This lake is called after a beautiful lady who is supposed
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    Glennanore, Co. Waterford
    John Lynch
    Knocknaree, Co. Waterford