School: Ráth Ó gCormaic (C.), Carraig na Siúire

Rathgormuck, Co. Waterford
Eibhlín, Bean Uí Dhálaigh

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Ráth Ó gCormaic (C.), Carraig na Siúire | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0655, Page 257

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The flu was in this country about nineteen years ago. The people were very much afraid of it. About two thousand people died in this parish. The people were hungry because they could not go to the town for food. The people died by the roadside with it. It was a terribly hard time for the people.

In the year 1916 we had very heavy snow. My father said that a funeral left the work-house of Carrick-on-Suir to come to Mothel. The corpse had to be brought by Mill Vale in a cart. People had to go before the horse and cart with shovels to make room for it. The snow was as high as themselves. It was a sight to see and especially as he was an old resident of Rathgormack. The wind blew the snow in drifts as high as the house.

Mrs Quinlan
Clonmoyle, Co. Waterford