School: Dún Átha, Carraig an Chabhaltaigh

Doonaha, Co. Clare
Ed J. Headtromóin

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Dún Átha, Carraig an Chabhaltaigh | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0633, Page 324

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When the Gobán Saor lived in Doonaha there lived another carpenter in Querrin named Costelloe who was always boasting that he was a better carpenter than the Gobán. The Gobán said each should build a wooden house and Costelloe had almost finished before the Gobán. The Gobán was angry and invited him to visit his house pretending that he would lend him some of his own tools to finish off the house. Told Costelloe to search for them in the bin and there he locked him and kept him without food or drink for 30 days until he died.

The tool that the King's son was looking for was the Irish version of "Triangles and twists and Twists and Triangles".
"How shall I know the house " said the King's son. It has a door at the front and another at the side" said the Gobán.

Goban worked for a man and asked man to work for him in return. He refused so the Gobán beat him with his whip.

Susan Haugh