School: Dún Átha, Carraig an Chabhaltaigh

Doonaha, Co. Clare
Ed J. Headtromóin

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Dún Átha, Carraig an Chabhaltaigh | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0633, Page 283

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Robin Keane who lived at "The Tigh Mór" in Ross near Loop Head. One day he came into his kitchen and saw a maid servant stirring porridge in a slovenly way. He took the stick from her and stirred the pot after first beating her about the head with it. She ran out screaming and just then who should come in but a strange gentleman to visit Robin. They looked defiantly at one another and then the stranger took the stick from Robin and gave another stir to the porridge. "Its lucky for you that you did that" said Robin "because if you showed that you thought stirring porridge a menial task, I'd kill you before I'd allow you out to boast that you saw Robin of Ross at it"

On another occasion a chief challenged him to fight and the combat took place outside the Tigh Mór. The stranger was gaining the day when a maid servant who had been churning rushed out and dashed his brains out with a blow of her churn dash. They threw the stranger's body off the cliff.

At one time Robin owned vast stretches of land from Ross to Kilkee. He and his six sons used to ride out once a year from Ross to Kilkee to view his possessions. All the sons went to the French wars and were killed. Afterwards Robin used to ride to the top of Moyarta Hill on a stormy day

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Batt Scanlan
Doonaha, Co. Clare