School: Mágh Glas, Fethard

Moglass, Co. Tipperary
Labhrás Ó Núnáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0564, Page 009

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0564, Page 009

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  1. Ballinard
    At a point about midway between Cloneen and Fethard the ground to the rises gradually untill the rise is crowned by one of those rare specimens of man's handiwork which actually heightens the interest of a natural view, a Castle of the olden times.
    From the main road some little distance, the traveller may espy the ivy-mantled tower of Baile-an-Aird. The keep is very well preserved and brown with the rust of time.
    The grant of the property was made by the crown in 1630 - the favourite being a scion of the House of Ormonde, Pierce Rua who succeeded Thomas in 1515. Pierce was the eldest son of Sir James Butler who founded Callan abbey in 1468 and where he is now buried.
    Pierce Rua was married in 1485 to the Lady Margaret, daughter of Gerald - eight earl of Kildare. Such a marriage seems incongruous but might be explained as the policy of Kildare to divide the Butler House. This[?] was now attached by Sir James Butler 1491 - 1497 who felt that his succession to the family estates was endangered by the insistence
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    Ballinard, Co. Tipperary
    Mr James Maher
    Mullinahone, Co. Tipperary