School: Cluainteach (C.), Newtownforbes

Cloontagh, Co. Longford
Bean Mhic Garaidh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0756, Page 286

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0756, Page 286

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  1. Long ago there were more houses in this townland of Cloonteagh than there are at present. The ruins of some of them are still to be seen, and there are others the sites of which can scarcely be traced. There was a house in the field behind Tommy Prunty's house. The people who lived in it were Catholics named Cashins. These died many years ago and the old walls now serve as an out-house for Tommy Prunty's cattle. There is also an unoccupied house on the bye-road leading from my house to the school. In years gone by this was occupied by Joe Amoothy who is dead many years ago. There was also another house in the field at the end of the lane in which my house is situated. The people who lived in it were Flynns. These died of fever after the famine.
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