School: Keeny

Keeny, Co. Cavan
E. Ó Cléirigh

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Old Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0972, Page 477

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Whooping Cough number 1
Dring the leavings of ferret's milk and that will cure the Whooping Cough.
Whooping Cough number 2
Get a cake made with a woman who did not change her name in marriage and give it to the sick child.
Warts. Steal bacon out of some house, rub it to the warts and throw the bacon on a bush. When it is withering the warts will go.
Stomach. If anybody had it in his stomach a pain, spit under three stones without bending his knees and the pain will go.
Mumps. Lead the patient three times round the pig cró with a pair of horse's blinkers.
Thrush. Get a man that never saw his father to blow his breath down the child's throat.

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Terry Rogers
Corcashel, Co. Cavan