School: Bawnboy

Bawnboy, Co. Cavan
T. Ó Grady

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Bawnboy | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0963, Page 245

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were. Garret jumped off his horse and went up to the door and who should open it but his father. With open arms he embraced him saying ''Welcome to you and all you bring with you''
''You will let us stay for a while won't you father''
''For ever my son you have no enemy here now she is dead''
''Well'' said Garret ''I can't honestly say I am sorry but she did me one good turn for all that. I have found, through her banishment of me, a beautiful young bride.
As they were speaking Redcap and his man appeared ''Are these some of your friends?'' said the king
''No'', says Garrett, 'these are enemies and I'll talk to them'' When they came up Garret advanced towards Red-cap and said
''Now Red-cap you are in my power and I give you the choice of going back on fighting it out with me'' ''Give me back my children''
''Oh they are not your children and they don't want to go back. Turn about and go when you can''
So Red cap turned his horse and fled. Next day Serinda and Garret were married

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John Glover