School: Bawnboy

Bawnboy, Co. Cavan
T. Ó Grady
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0963, Page 219

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0963, Page 219

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  1. Once there lived a king and queen.
    It was far back in the dark ages when a king made all the laws himself and they were very cruel laws for if anyone offended the king death was the penalty.
    He was sent to the block where the headsman chopped off his head and the head was put on a spear as a warning to all the rest of his subjects
    That and all the king and queen lived very high and happy no matter about their cruelty, but they had one son a very fine young man eighteen years old and very handsome
    The queen his mother took sick and all the skill of the day was no use
    She died. The king was in great grief for a good while. He was evicted to another kings palace and there
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