School: Bawnboy

Bawnboy, Co. Cavan
T. Ó Grady

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Bawnboy | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0963, Page 102

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was a big animal she got in on Manus, and gore his legs with his sharp tusks. Then Manus got one chance and set a straight drive to her breast and drove the spear into her heart. Then came the boar in a terrible rage and attacked him. The great beast made a spring at Manus who took him under the shoulder, and broke the spear at the head. So being helpless, he shouted for Diarmund, and then the boar made a great spring, and Manus thrust the shaft down his throat and he lay dead.

Diarmund came running to his father's rescue, but he was not in time to save his father the wounds he got. He carried his father home but after living for some weeks he died.
His wife, Maura (Mona) was in great grief and was lamenting what she would do when Manus was gone.
'' Well, Mother '' said Diarmund
'' while I have a spear, and a bow and arrow, and there is a dew on the mountain, or a wild pig in the valley, you will not want for venison, or wild-pig pork, and you will never want corn while I am able to sow, and cut it and twist a quern to make oat-cakes and dumplings. ''
Jack was never considered any use and was let alone, so he did nothing in the way

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B. O Grady
Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan