School: Baile Ard

Ballard, Co. Clare
Tomás Ó Floinn

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Baile Ard | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0627, Page 086

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because it was the principal church in the parish, before it was knocked down in 1649, but this is all wrong. It was called Cill Árd "the church on the hill", because it is built ona very high rocky hill.

When the tide is out very far in Spring tide a seam of coal can be distinctly seen running out under the sea.

On the top of this hill Micky McMahon the old hedge school teacher taught his little school and the remains can be seen to the present day. This was in the year 1860 and some years before, Himself and his wife lived in the School and they were fed by the people of the locality. They had no children. The school was only 100 yds from the church.

In this Killard strand a three masted schooner came in loaded with timber

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