School: Drong (2)

Drung, Co. Cavan
Bean Uí Fháinín

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Drong (2) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1022, Page 378

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A blind man lived in Laragh and he had a daughter. The daughter was going to get married to a farmer. The blind man went to talk to the farmer. He asked him did any thistles or bucklins grow on his farm. The farmer said "No".
"Well" says the blind man, "it shows that you have very bad land, because you haven't to pull a thistle or a bucklin. For that you will not get my daughter".

There was a gentleman and he had a man employed to mow hay with a scythe and every piece he cut he would say "O, Adam!". The gentleman heard him at that, and he asked him, why did he say that. He replied that only Adam sinned he wouldn't have to work. The gentleman said "You are as bad as Adam. And I will test you in the morning". The gentleman called the workman to his breakfast and when he went in, there was on the table all sorts and in the centre there was a

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Jinnie Lockington
Bellanacargy, Co. Cavan