School: Bailieboro (Model)

Bailieborough, Co. Cavan
A. Ó Dubhda
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1011, Page 079

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1011, Page 079

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    put it on my finger, and pull it up and down and the buttons go up and down also. I can catch birds also, on a frosty day I get a riddle and prop it up with a stick, then I tie a long cord to the stick and out some food under the riddle and stand in a house and when a bird goes at the food I pull the string and the stick will fall, and the riddle will fall, and the bird will be inside the riddle.
    I also make a catapult from the fork of a tree and a piece of rubber band, first I get the fork of the tree, and I tie the rubber band on to it then I put a stone in the rubber and pull it and the stone will go away.
    Rabbits are caught in this country the men by snare wire and put two loops on the end of it and they bring one end of the wire through the other loop.
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