School: Bailieboro (Model)

Bailieborough, Co. Cavan
A. Ó Dubhda
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1011, Page 078

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1011, Page 078

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    When you see magpies it means - One for sorrow, two for joy,
    Three for a wedding, four for employ,
    Five for silver, six for gold,
    Seven for a secret that will never be told,
    Most of the birds go away to Africa as they would die here with hunger and cold.
    But the robin stays with us the whole year round.
    It is very pleasant to hear robin singing in winter. The robin is brown, and has a red breast. I think the robin is liked best in our district as he is not greedy and sly like other birds.
    If the cuckoo sits on a bare thorn bush, you may sell your cow and buy corn.
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  2. I can make a top that goes up and down and the way I make it is, I get two buttons and I sew them tight together with thread, and tie it on to the button, I sewed the button with thread then I wind it up and
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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    Mr Samuel Hall
    Millmount, Co. Cavan