School: Cabra, Kingscourt

Cabra, Co. Cavan
Violet Irwin

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Muff Fair

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1008, Page 115

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There is a fair held once every year, on August 12, and Muff cross, between the ruins of the castle of Muff and the rock of Muff. On the rock, there are several tents put up for the occasion, in which there are refreshments and amusements.

People come very early in the morning to buy and sell their cattle. When the buyer chooses a beast, he goes to the owner and asks him for the price. He gives him a slap on the hand and they keep dividing until the bargain is made.
When the bargain is made, the money is given to the seller and a luck penny is given back. They then put a mark on the animal sold. When they buy more than one beast, they tie them to each other.
Visitors come from a very far distance to dance at the fair in the evening.

Olive Shannon