School: Killeeter

Killeter, Co. Cavan
E. Ní Ghríobhtha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1004, Page 257

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1004, Page 257

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  3. XML “The Graveyard of Lenavaragh”

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  1. About a hundred years ago there was an old grave yard in Lenevaragh and every person that died and was buried in it had a big tomb stone put over his grave. Several people came to pray in it and when leaving they would count how many stones were in the grave yard altogether but no one could ever count the same number. There would always be eight, or more or less stones. A lot of men from the townland met one day and they gathered all the stones in the grave yard and then started to count them. Every one of them counted together but when they were nearly finished one man said it was fifty nine the counted another man said it was a different number and s no two of the men had the same. They never tried to count again, but about forty years ago they were counted and there was only about twenty. There are about four or five of them to be seen now, and on some
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    Bernard Smyth
    Greaghnadarragh, Co. Cavan