School: Mullagh (C )

Mullagh, Co. Cavan
Elizabeth Murchan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1003, Page 170

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1003, Page 170

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  1. There is a beautiful hill over-looking the village of Mullagh. In fact, Mullagh gets its name from this hill - 'Mullach - Laohhill'.
    It got its name in this way:- Hundreds of years ago, when the clan system was in Ireland, the head of the Mullagh clan was an old chieftain called Loghaill.
    Right on the top of Mullagh hill may be seen a cairn. Some years ago - in 1913, some sappers, working for the Land Commission, lifted these stones. Under them it is said, they came on human bones. The people of the locality believed that these bones were those of Laoghaill. The grave remained open for about ten years. (After that) People of curious minds frequently visited it. It was closed then and what ever bones they may have been, they were left to rest in their mystery.
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    Brigid Patterson