School: Drom an Mhadaidh

Drumavaddy, Co. Cavan
S. Ó Murchadha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0990, Page 116

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0990, Page 116

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    Another time, a hunt led by Bell was passing by, and the master to prevent his pupils from following the hounds stood in the doorway. However the boys rushed past the old man and followed the hunt to Stradone a distance of 6 miles. They were hungry returning and "raided" a cabbage garden to satisfy their hunger.
    There is very little authentic information to be had concerning this school. However it is clear that a school did exist at the sight indicated. The building, after serving as a shelter for cattle was demolished about 45 yrs. ago.
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  2. A school was conducted while these men were still boys in a house in Ardvarney which still stands and is under the same roof as Cooke's great house. The building consisted of two rooms, one in which the teacher slept and the other served as classroom. A dresser stood by one wall near the door and the children sat on seats of sods around the walls. There was no B board. The pupils were provided
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    Ed Brady
    c. 83
    Drumavaddy, Co. Cavan
    Patrick Cooke
    c. 82