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School: Garrysallagh

Garrysallagh (O'Reilly), Co. Cavan
P. Greally

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Easter Sunday

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0989, Page 176

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On Easter Sunday every child lights a fire in the field or garden. They invite some of their neighbouring pals to come on that Sunday. When they are all gathered they light the fire of sticks. When it is well lighted, they get a saucepan and boil the eggs or "clúdóga" as they are called. Then sometimes they make tea and eat the eggs with it and other times they do not make any tea only eat the eggs. They sit around the fire and eat eggs until they almost burst.
On Easter Sunday morning numbers of people get up early to see the sun dancing on this morning. The people say that the sun danced with joy on the first Easter Sunday morning, because Our Lord had risen from the dead. They bring out the looking glass and they can see the sun dancing but otherwise they cannot.

Brigid Smyth
Lismacanigan Upper, Co. Cavan