School: Drumcrow

Drumcrow, Co. Cavan
B. Boylan

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Birds Seen Locally

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0982, Page 167

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The following is a list of birds seen in this district namly:- the swan, the wild-duck, the waterhen, the baldcoot, the snipe, the crow, the jackdaw, the pigeon, the hawk, the magpie, the starling, the blackbird, the thrush, the lark, the robin and the wren. The following are the migratory birds:- the cuckoo, the corn-crake, the swallow and the swift.
2. The swan lays five eggs. She builds her nest on the edge of a lake. The wild-duck builds her nest on a rock beside a lake. She lays about ten eggs. The water hen builds her nest in a hole on the bank of a river and she lays about ten eggs. The baldcoot builds her nest about six feet from the edge of a lake. The snipe builds her nest in a rush. She lays five eggs. The crow builds her nest on the top of a tree. The jackdaw builds her

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Phil Joe Finnegan
Drumcrow, Co. Cavan