School: Dennmore

Dennmore or Legganden, Co. Cavan
Harriet Heaslip

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A Wake

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0977, Page 176

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A wake is held in a house where a person is dead.
People come to the house and stay till twelve or one o'clock and some people stay till the next morning.
Tea is generally served about eleven or twelve o'clock.
The girls get cigarettes and the men pipes and tobacco.
The tobacco is cut up beforehand and put in a dish.
After the pipes are handed round the dish of tobacco is handed round and each man gets a pipeful and smokes it.
They think if they bring home any of the tobacco they will have bad luck.
Old men and women get snuff if they take it.
People on entering the house shake hands with the owner and says "I am sorry for your trouble".

Winnie Turner
Glencorran, Co. Cavan